Likhu IV Hydropower Project

Installed Capacity of 52.4 MW 


The Likhu-IV Hydroelectric Project is planned as a run-of-river scheme with an installed capacity of 52.4MW utilizing a design discharge of 26.70m3/s and gross head of 221.27 meters.

The headwork consists of 36m wide un-gated weir with 2 under- sluice bays to safely discharge flows during monsoon period/floods. The full supply level is fixed at EL.1023.00 m.a.s.l and 2 intake openings are provided at the head regulator to draw the required design discharge. Two surface desanders L=80m & W=10m removing the particle size lesser than 0.2mm is proposed. The 4024.50 m long tunnel will convey the design discharge from the end of a power duct to the pressure shaft. The surge shaft is located at end of headrace tunnel. The tunnel is D- shaped having 3.8 m dia. with concrete lining for the initial length of 3924.50 m and the remaining 100 m long portion of HRT is steel lined with 3.40 m dia circular section with concrete backfill around the steel lining. The powerhouse is expected to be founded mainly on overburden material. Water passing through the turbines is then discharged back into the Likhu River through a 70m long tailrace channel. The total gross annual energy generation estimated at the normal load condition is estimated as 314.78 GWh.

The power generated from the plant will be evacuated through an approximately 19 Km long 220 kV Single Circuit Transmission line at New Khimti Substation, Kirnetar Ramechhap.

Location and Accessibility

Likhu-IV Hydroelectric Project is located on the boundary of Okhaldhunga and Ramechhap districts, most of the project structures are positioned on the left bank of Likhu River at former Ragani and Khiji Chandeshowari Village Development Committees (VDCs), recently named as Khijidemba rural municipality of Okhaldhunga District and Right bank of former Bhuji Village Development Committee (VDCs) recently named as Umakunda Rural Municipality of Ramechhap. The project area is about 186 Km North East of Kathmandu.

likhu IV hydropower project triveni group nepal (3)
likhu IV hydropower project triveni group nepal (29)

Sailent Features

Adit-1: 245 Mtrs.
Adit-2: 281 Mtrs.
HRT: 3400 Mtr.
Finished Dia.: 4.20 Mtr.
Under Ground Excavation: 58100.00 Cum.
Lining Concrete: 7000.00 Cum.
Shotcrete: 1555.00 Cum.
Structural Steel Support: 350.00 MT
Sluice Height: 21.50 Mtrs.
Length of Sluice & Weir: 42 Mtrs. 119 Mtrs.
Feeder Length: 107.00 Mtrs. ( F1 & F2 Avg.)
Head Works RCC: 50000 Cum.
Head Works Reinforcement: 3500 MT.

Site Location



2nd quarter unaudited financial report